It's been a minute

    Hey Everyone,

    I know its been a minute since my last blog, but here’s an update on my last 7 weeks!


    Just to add, Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple.

    As mentioned, a few holiday pictures

    Auto-generated description: A serene fjord is depicted with a large cruise ship docked at the shoreline, surrounded by towering mountains and still waters reflecting the sky and peaks.

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    Norway Cruises Restricted After 2025

    Following on from my recent blog on Cruising and my love of Norway, particularly the Norwegian Fjords.

    I hadn’t realised at the time, after 2025 Norway will be “Restricting” Cruise Ships from their UNESCO Fjords (Protected World Heritage sites). This includes the stunningly beautiful Aurlandsfjord, Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord.

    I absolutely understand this, the Norwegian Fjords are beautiful places that need to be protected and respected.

    From what I’ve read, some cruise lines are exploring the ability to switch to electric power whilst navigating the Fjords, which may allow a limited number of trips to continue. There are already smaller electric boats that offer this, but nothing cruise ship size. Even if they could be made zero emissions, it’s still a large amount of people arriving and exploring these destinations so it would only solve part of the problem.

    It will be interesting to see if the restrictions come imto effect and if so, how the cruising industry adapts.

    In my personal opinion trips to locations like this, Alaska is another example are likely to be much less frequent in the next decade or so.

    I am privileged to have been able to experience some of the breathtaking Norwegian landscapes

    Cruise Ship SailingAI

    Podcast Episode 6 - Cruising

    Hey Everyone, Welcome to 2024 and Podcast Episode 6.

    I thought i’d tell you a bit about my experience cruising on ships and the places we visited.

    The Podcast gives you an overview, with my thoughts on each cruise, I’ve also included some additional information along with some pictures below.


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