Hey Everyone,

I know its been a minute since my last blog, but here’s an update on my last 7 weeks!


Just to add, Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple.

As mentioned, a few holiday pictures

Auto-generated description: A serene fjord is depicted with a large cruise ship docked at the shoreline, surrounded by towering mountains and still waters reflecting the sky and peaks. Norway waterfall cascades down a forested mountainside, framed by lush greenery and a serene body of water in the foreground. Auto-generated description: A large cruise ship is docked at a scenic fjord surrounded by lush green mountains with a few snow-capped peaks in the background. Auto-generated description: The image shows a decorative display of numerous miniature hot air balloons in blue, white, and black, suspended in the interior of a cruise ship
Apple Watch Artial Fibrillation