Back with another quick podcast, using a new setup.

How do i sound?

i talk about biscuts as well.


Transcript (Automaically generated may not be accuate)

Hey everyone, so I am back with podcast number two.

Took a bit longer than I imagined, and that’s primarily because the microphone that I’d been using before, probably about 12 years old, and it was a condenser microphone, which until recently I didn’t realize was a bad choice for podcasting and voice recording.

So I’ve now changed to a dynamic microphone.

The difference is that a condenser microphone will cut more of the noise from around you, not just from in front of the microphone, although you can change the settings to different patterns, but primarily they pick up more of the room you’re in.

So background noise, etc, not always great.

I’ve now changed to a dynamic microphone, which majority of that sound comes from in front of it.

So less likely to get background noise.

So yeah, how does this sound?

Does it sound good?

Do I sound better?

Do I sound worse?

Do I sound exactly the same?

Or are you too bored to care?

If anyone wants to let me know, please feel free.

Whilst I’m here, just randomly, because make it a little bit longer, a bit more of an example of what this sounds like, a slightly random subject for now, because I don’t really think it fits into its own podcast or audio blog, but I caught a little bit of the McVitie’s Christmas program the other night.

So anyone not from the UK or anyone not familiar with UK biscuit brands, McVitie’s do biscuits, and every so often they come out with something new.

It appears that I’ve been living under a rock for about a year, and they’ve released a white chocolate version of their Digestive Biscuit.

So generally, Digestive’s are plain, milk chocolate, dark chocolate.

Well, my favorite actually is the orange chocolate Digestive.

I’ve now found the white chocolate Digestive, and I have to say they’re pretty nice.

And what surprised me was they actually test the biscuit, dunking it in a cup of tea as well.

And anyone that knows me will realize that I will dunk anything.

There are certain people that will only dunk certain biscuits, like ginger nuts or hob knobs, for example, any biscuit’s a fair game.

Some of them are more challenging than others.

So rich tea, for example, don’t last very long, but a hob knob will last forever.

So absolutely would dunk these biscuits, and they tasted great both with and without dunking.

So I would highly recommend someone trying, or all of you trying, the McVitie’s white chocolate Digestive’s that have apparently been on our shelves for at least a year.

So yeah, I will try to stop living under a rock and find out when new things come out.

This was just a quick one really, primarily just to test how this sounds.

I’m also gonna edit this in a different way as well.

So I’m gonna use Adobe Audition just on a trial to see if that’s any better, any easier to use, or whether it’s way too much for my needs.

So thank you very much for listening, and I will be back soon.