Hey everyone, welcome back.

This break was a little bit longer than originally planned but like they say, life always gets in the way.

I ended up twisting my back about a week ago and I just feel like I’m getting old.

It was the tiniest little twist, it’s been hurting forever.

It felt like it was getting better yesterday.

This morning though however, it felt like it was hurting a lot again.

So I’m still taking it easy, trying not to do too much exercise but it is really important to keep moving.

That’s why I’ve been a bit delayed with work in between as well, just haven’t had time really to sit down and talk.

So I thought I’d do a bit of a quick catch up first and then I’ve got two episodes planned that I may record tomorrow and get them at ASAP.

But I thought I’d just take a few questions that people have been asking.

So the biggest one was, off the back of my wheelchair talk, people asked me, why are you still looking at manual wheelchairs?

Why haven’t you gone electric yet?

The biggest reason why is because I still can push myself and it’s a good form of exercise.

It keeps me relatively fit, although not as fit as I used to be.

And I think for as long as you can push yourself, absolutely do it.

Because as soon as you go electric and even assistive electric, you become lazier, you do less exercise and overall it’s not good for you in general.

Now I fully appreciate if you don’t have the opportunity to go manual all the time or you need to be in a fully electric wheelchair, then that’s fine.

If that’s the requirement you need for your life and to make your life as accessible as possible, go with that option.

But all I would say is, if you can push yourself, I encourage you to do it for as long as you can.

Now I’m sure I’m going to reach a point where I’m like, I need an electric wheelchair.

I can’t push myself anymore.

And it’s going to change the way I look at things.

Probably got maybe 10, 15 years before that’s going to be a thing.

But for the moment, it gives me some exercise, keeps me a little bit fitter and it just opens up your opportunities a little bit more.

The biggest thing for me as well would be, if I went electric, my whole car would have to change.

The way I get the wheelchair in and out of the car would have to change.

People wouldn’t be able to lift an electric wheelchair in the car.

That would also be a factor.

But just to reiterate, you get the equipment you need to suit you and your life and to make it as easy as possible.

So don’t struggle with a manual wheelchair.

If you think you need to change, absolutely change it.

It all just comes down to what suits you.

So that’s why I haven’t gone electric and have no plans to do so just yet.

The next thing, just talking a bit about podcasts again.

Obviously, I’m still quite new getting back into this.

And I think in one of my first couple of podcasts, I mentioned that I was going to use Adobe Podcast.

I briefly looked at it once or twice, but didn’t stick with it.

Very quickly moved on to Audition.

And then I mentioned recently as well that I tried Descript, which uses AI.

So you can edit the text of your podcast to cut bits out, change things around, makes it much more straightforward.

For whatever reason, I totally missed that Adobe Podcast essentially does the same thing as Descript.

It will generate a transcript of what I’ve recorded, and I can just edit that transcript like text to produce my final podcast or audio blog.

So I’ve gone back to using Adobe Podcast for this one, just to see how effective that is.

And if it works out well, I may well stick to it more in the future.

The other thing I’m really trying to look at is actually how to make my podcast more efficient, a bit more regular.

And the one thing that would make that easier is to be able to do them on the move.

I’m no expert at all.

I’m not a professional in audio recording, but my setup’s, you know, fairly average, maybe slightly above average.

I’ve got a decent microphone, I’ve got the mount the microphone goes on, so you can move it around like a radio studio.

And my setup with my iMac works pretty well.

I feel like it gives fairly decent results.

But it’d be great if I could do it on my phone, on my iPad, somewhere wherever I am, just sit down, record a podcast, edit it, get rid of any issues that I don’t want, and then publish it.

I may try that for one of my future podcasts, record it on my phone, see what the sound quality is like, and then see if it’s a viable option.

For the moment, I’m still experimenting what works, what doesn’t work, what makes me sound best, and I’m not there quite yet.

So bear with me, and we’ll learn together, we’ll progress together, and we’ll produce a good podcast.

The final thing that I’ve been sat down doing today is just trying to come up with a logo for my podcast, and my blog actually, don’t really have a logo.

So I’m literally in the middle of trying to design that, and I think it’s okay.

I’m just getting some people to give me their feedback, and then I’ll start using it, because I think it’s quite cool.

I think it represents me quite well, represents the point of this podcast, of this blog, quite well.

It makes it a bit more friendly, more approachable.

So I’m looking forward to showing everybody that.

I’m pretty sure I said this last time, that my next podcast would be something a bit more exciting.

I can promise you, the next one will.

With my bad back, I’ve had some extra time to watch TV, so I’ve caught up on something I’ve wanted to watch for a while.

But first, I’ll talk about one of my favourite shows that I watched last year, and how I recommend it.

So please tune in for that.

Like I say, I’m hoping it will be tomorrow.

If not, it will be very early next week.

I’m not going to wait another week before I do another podcast, and then I should be back to normal.

Fingers crossed my back is back to normal in the next few days.

I’m not that old yet.

I should be able to shake it off, but I guess it’s just one of those injuries that can take a little bit of time.

So thank you for bearing with me.

Thank you for listening, and we will catch up very, very soon.